Revolutionary new technology available for fishermen

Revolutionary new technology available for fishermen

Since the earliest days, anglers used various floats made of wood, cork, porcupine quills and more recently plastic as strike indicators. Except for the materials used, the technology of those floats changed little for centuries – until now!

“Summer Ice is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in float design,” said Jeremy Bennis of Rod-N-Bobb’s Premium Fishing Products, a family-owned company based in Eau Claire, Wis. “Rod-N-Bobbs has been committed to providing fishermen everywhere with the highest quality products for nearly two decades. Summer Ice gives anglers an incredible advantage because it removes the buoyancy from the surface of the water, something that has never been achieved previously. Our products give anglers unmatched world-class sensitivity for that extra edge.”

Summer Ice incorporates a plastic bottom to which line can be rigged for either fixed or slip fishing with a foam cylinder that remains perfectly buoyant when sunk into the water by the weight of the jig or sinker. It floats vertically in the water column with little protruding above the surface. Add a fluorescent Viz-Stick, included in the package, to the designated spot atop the foam cylinder for better visibility. At night, replace the Viz-Stick with a Rod-N-Bobb’s Original Beacon lightstick similar to a miniature chemical light used by the military. Looking like a firefly, it should glow for more than 20 hours.

“People can fish the Summer Ice system in the same way they’ve fished bobbers for years, but Summer Ice gives anglers an unmatched advantage because Summer Ice can eliminate all the surface weight or buoyancy,” Bennis explained. “Sometimes, crappie or walleye bite really finicky and take a long time to inhale the bait. More sensitive fish may spook if floats offer too much resistance. The fish feel little resistance – which is a huge plus when fishing most species!”

For even less resistance, anglers can trim the foam to the custom size they need. For instance, if the float protrudes an inch from the surface, clip an inch from the foam so that the top rests on the surface. Then, attach the line and start fishing!

“For the first time in history, anglers can now control how much buoyancy they need for any given situation,” Bennis emphasized. “They can remove part of the foam and eliminate excess buoyancy to increase sensitivity. No other conventional bobber allows anglers to remove part of the product to make it sink lower in the water and reduce surface buoyancy. Anglers can use it day or night. That will help them catch more fish all year long!”

Winter or summer, anglers can rig the Summer Ice system various ways. They can rig the float one way to suspend baits at a fixed depth or use it like a slip bobber. To use it as a slip bobber, attach an improved Rod-N-Bobb’s Bobber Stop and fish it vertically to probe holes at varied depths. Anglers can also buy low-cost foam refills or more chemical lightsticks to replenish their supplies as necessary.

Made by the company that produces the patented Boss Bobber, the world’s first and only resistance distributing bobber, Summer Ice comes in 3-, 4- and 5-inch sizes and two high-visibility colors to meet every fishing need. Anglers can find packages of Summer Ice at various sporting goods chains throughout the country or order directly off the Internet.

To order directly from Rod-N-Bobb’s, U.S. customers call 1-800-353-9824. International customers call 715-877-1406. On line, see or or send an e-mail to

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