Protection Island Salmon Fishing Map For Ebb Tide

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How to Fish Protection Island During An Outgoing Tide

Ebb Tide Salmon Fishing at Protection Island How to salmon fish at Protection Island during outgoing tide

Ask any regular at Protection Island and they will tell you an outgoing (ebb) tide is best for catching blackmouth salmon. Some of the anglers I know say the ebb tide produces about 3 to 1 over the incoming (flood) tide.  The chart above shows the current direction as it flows across the shallow sandbar extending out from Kanem Point. As the water moves across the bar it creates a strong current that forces bait into the “Horseshoe” like area. As the current increases more bait appears and so do the blackmouth salmon.

How to fish Protection Island for salmon Massive schools of bait and feeding blackmouth salmon at Protection Island

Some of the anglers stay close to the contour line while others, including me, venture into the middle of the horseshoe. My trolling pattern varies according to…

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